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Welcome to BraBar|Boutique, where we believe in Confidence in a Cup. We are here to help every woman find the perfect fit and style so she can feel good under her clothes, whatever the occasion. Some 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, leading to unsightly lines, gaps, and discomfort. Our fitting specialists have years of experience and would love to help you discover lingerie that finally fits correctly! We proudly offer marlies|dekkers lingerie, a constant celebrity favorite for the stunning styling, quality craftsmanship, and all-day comfort provided. BraBar|Boutique gladly provides personalized service, education, and sizing advice- contact us to learn more!

Ms. Bow 8cm Brazilian Briefs

No bra? No problem! Sometimes all you need are a pair of silky smooth, fabulously-fitting knickers. Whether you're in the mood for lounging or loving, slip into these perfectly tailored nude briefs to feel comfortable and sensual. The gorgeous, flirty bow and the adorable little charm only make it clearer: you are a present to yourself! Very fashionable bottoms that suit all body types, with sides measuring 8 cm, partially covering the hip and groin area, while leaving both the belly and the lower part of the buttocks exposed.

designer note

Wrap yourself up as a gorgeous gift with my silky smooth Ms. Bow collection. Because that’s what you are: a present to yourself! Flirt with your reflection in the mirror. Bow down to your own beauty. Tell yourself: I am as beautiful, as sensual, as desirable as I believe myself to be. Then, seal it with a kiss. And of course, a flirty bow.

(Available Seasonally)

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