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Welcome to BraBar|Boutique, where we believe in Confidence in a Cup. We are here to help every woman find the perfect fit and style so she can feel good under her clothes, whatever the occasion. Some 80% of women wear the wrong bra size, leading to unsightly lines, gaps, and discomfort. Our fitting specialists have years of experience and would love to help you discover lingerie that finally fits correctly! We proudly offer marlies|dekkers lingerie, a constant celebrity favorite for the stunning styling, quality craftsmanship, and all-day comfort provided. BraBar|Boutique gladly provides personalized service, education, and sizing advice- contact us to learn more!

Lingerie Care

bodyreadyarmor BRA care elongate everyday lingerie longevity wash

So many women ask how to elongate the life of their lingerie, most just throw it in the washer and say "eh, that'll do." My ladies, please don't throw your Body Ready Armor in the washer and hope for the best. Take care of your BRA by following our instructions:

Wear & Care:

You don’t need to wash your lingerie (except for the shorts and thongs, of course) after each wearing. But like all bras, they shouldn’t be worn night after night because the fabric needs to rest and breathe. We recommend alternating at least 3 different bras.

Wash & Dry:

We recommend hand washing your bras and sleepwear in a cool water with a mild lingerie cleanser/detergent, AVOID FABRIC SOFTENERIt will eat the elastic and that is the last thing you need to worry about. To dry, NEVER put any in the dryer because it will destroy the integrity of the fabric. Instead, air dry flat, if you hang your bras, gravity will weigh down wherever the clips are, therefore bringing your bra down and ruining it.

If you absolutely must wash your bras and nighties in the washing machine, hook them in back first and put them in a mesh lingerie bag. Gentle cycle, cold water and mild lingerie cleanser/detergent, again, AVOID FABRIC SOFTENER! Be warned though, the spin cycle does the molded foam cups no favors. Again, air dry flat.

Panties and thongs are a different story. They can easily go into the washing machine in a mesh lingerie bag (one more time, avoid fabric softener,) warm water, gentle cycle. Always air dry to preserve the fabric and keep its elasticity however.

Hang & Store:

Proper storage increases their life and functionality, the best way to store your BRA is to hang them on a notched hanger .

If you want to store them in a drawer, right side up or flat side by side, PLEASE make sure the cups maintain their original shape. Do NOT under any circumstances turn one cup inside out and folded into the other! You can store your boy shorts, briefs and thongs in the drawer too!

We hope this helps you in many ways and if your man is not sure what to do, send him this blog post and maybe this will help him out too! With much love from us to you, have your "Confidence in a Cup" and know that each and every one of you are incredibly beautiful!

- The BraBar|Team

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